Small Dick Fetish

It's hard to believe, but not all women love big cocks. Actually, some of them are scared of big dicks as they are afraid of getting hurt so they develop a small dick fetish over time. When I first saw this website My Tiny Dick I thought it was a joke, but the guy running it said it's very popular and many of his subscribers are actually female. It appears girls really like Jack who get's his tiny dick jerked off by some sexy ladies caring for his sensual needs and providing him tender arousal treatment. If Jack and his tiny dick have sex with so many spiffy girls, you can do it, too (if you have a small cock that is).

tiny dick
Can you see the tiny dick? It's so small you need a magnifying glass!

Asian Piss

Girls from Asia are usually pretty shy and inhibited when it comes to more unusual and kinky stuff, but there is always an exception to the rule. Pee Asian (sorry: site offline) is a Asian watersport site with attractive Thai models exposing their leaking pussies while getting rid of their sweet smelling urine. If you have a fetish for Asian pussy this is about the only place on the net to see them in a pissing contest. The urine letting sequences are shorter than their actual strips, but they are cute. Many of them have very long pubic hair. See the piss pearls run down 3 inch long pussy hair is a delight. It must be smelling very sweet, don't you think?

pee asian asian piss

Trashy Nudes

Nude girls are sexy, but the art of trashy nudes is a cool fetish that combines sick locations, freaky girls and unusual photography angles to a morbid sensual encounter. Tattooed chicks taking a piss, booby goth girls in empty hotel rooms, mature ladies in pantyhose hanging down from trees and blowjobs in front of an emergency exit are just a few bizarre moments captured by Bob Culter, the mastermind behind Crazy Babe, the ultimate fetish site for trashy nudes and junk yard erotica. Bob uses spot light and strong shadows to point to dark fantasies as well as to enhance body features and strange tensions between himself, the models and the settings. He is a genuine artist of dark erotica who delivers perfect results in quality and quantity.

toilet nudes
A sexy adult model in trashy toilet nudes. It's a strange tension. The obeserver tends to feel he is in the same room with the model. Just take a step forward, drop the pants and ask for a hard throbbing blowjob while model Mandy takes a piss

Water Bondage

Human rights organizations criticize the US secret service for questionable interrogation methods like water boarding. Basically, people are broken down by simulated drowning. Deaths have been reported. It's amazing to see a fetish porn site entertaining the same torture principle: Water Bondage. Beautiful women are roped and ball-gagged. They are thrown into bathtubs where they gasp for air. Does that make you horny? It is said that women experiencing such humiliating acts are begging for submissive sex once they are relieved from the torture. Don't try this out with your girlfriend or wife. She might just leave you.

Fishnets and High Heels


Do you have a crush on Asian girls? Check out fetish babe Kina Kai. She is an Asian American adult performer with a strong fetish for dominant erotic poses in Stiletto high heels, pantyhose and fishnets. She looks damn erotic with her innocent Asian face. But don't be fooled, this lady wants to be the boss all of the time. Her new website is fresh on the Market. You could be one of the first members if you hurry up! So far the busty Asian fetish queen is coming up with one or two weekly updates. Pretty neat for the new start of a kinky solo girl site. BTW Kina Kai is not unknown. She has posed for high-gloss adult publications such as Penthouse men's magazine.

kina fishnet
High heels and fishnets are Kina's favorite accessories

Smoking Bunnies

Do you like dominant girls, but are not submissive enough for a Domina or Femdom? If you don't mind a bit of fume, you may wanna look at Smoking Bunnies, a site dedicated to sexy women who love to smoke while getting nude and engaging in sexual activities. The smoking girls on this site Smoke Fetish have an addiction for cigarettes. Even when providing oral sex they stop once in awhile to get a solid dosis of Nicotine in their lungs. Perfect match if you are a smoker.

smiking fetish
Nude Russian girl exhales fume after smoking a cigarette

Dark Fantasy

Sensual reading takes this beautiful blond girl into the cruel world of torture and death. She reads stories of execution, imagines herself being whipped, beheaded and murdered in the forest by the Mafia. A dark fanatasy erotic movie with British and Polish fashion models directed by sensual cinema artist Cherry Chapman. That's pretty sensual stuff from Cinema Erotique in widescreen format.

polish bondage
A pretty Polish babe in submissive bondage satiflying the dark side of her sensual fantasy

Panty Peeks

Of course we love to see girls totally nude, but there is something special about taking a peek under a spiffy female's pantiy. Japanese and Asian men are known for having a crush on sexy uniforms and cotton panties. It's a bit different than the sexy lingerie stuff as it feeds strong sexual fantasies. Asian Panty Peeks is a pretty fresh Panty Fetish site with Asian-American chicks that pose in fancy uniforms. They lift their skirts to shows their panties and slide them off just a bit. The poor photographer is begging them to receive a handjob. Don't be surprised to see his dick in one or the other picture 88| What a lucky guy :)) It's a different approach to show sexy girls from their best side. Are you a used panty collector?

Persia, a cute Asian-American amateur from Canada teases a horny photographer with her panty and cameltoe

Asian Slut Fetish

It's not nice to have your wife dress up like a whore and look like cheap meat, but some people like it. Actually, it's not that bad to know you can just get a girl and fuck her like you want without wasting time on romantic games and buying gifts and flowers. This one guy I am to tell you about is living in Thailand and he loves to hire street hookers who are ashamed of being such. He dresses them up in the cheapest slut-and-whore-apparel you can imagine. Then he takes them out for a party and returns home with a couple of his friends. It is time for a sex party with the cheap slut. They take lipstick and draw filthy words on her forehead and tits. Like "slut", "Whore" or "I fuck for money". She is put into chains and ropes and fucked wildly by 2 or 3 guys until they are all satisfied. During intercourse they smother her many times with their hands. Only then they allow the bondaged Asian hooker to go to clean up her mess on the toilet ... at least that is what she believes. Once the hooker is having a break on the toilet bowl she gets into act two: Bukkake. This is some of the most incredible Asian filth available on Asian Apple Seed.

Asian Fetish
Thai girl bondaged and degraded to be a cheap, submissive sex doll

High Heel Fetish

Only a few photographers master the art of creating nudes with light and shadow. Bob Colture of Crazy Babe is a true master of trashy nude photography and he has a fetish for high heels. High heels in screaming colors usually make females look like cheap cunts, but Bob makes them look like babes - trashy babes! The settings for his unique photo shoots are wrecked New York hotels and many of his models are famous fetish adult stars just like Sochee Mala who is best known for her orgasmic lesbian performances in commercial American porn movies. Sochee is a Latina, but looks Indian, doesn't she?! HAHAHA ... even Columbus thought Latinas looked like Indians - and they didn't wear any high heels back then LOL. The remarkable thing about Crazy Babe are the gigantic updates. While other sites give you 50 or 60 images per update Bob packs an entire shoot with 400 to 500 photos into an update. That's pretty cool and I have yet to see another site who has such a unique style of junky nudes.

high heel nude
Nude American babe Sochee Mala with pink high heels in a trashy hotel room

Ass Spanking

One of the very first sites I ever joined after I got my first credit card when I was 19 was a spanking site. Why? This is real stuff! I am not a sadist or anything, but I hate staged commercial porn. It's just fake like plastic. But spanking sites are for real. The girls who participate have no clue what they get into. They think they get a nice slap on their ass, give a blowjob to the producer and out of the door they go with easy money. They are in for a surprise as you can see on Dirty Spank, a Russian fetish porn site! They get their ass spanked so hard that they beg for it to stop. The pain is so intense that many of them start to cry. The surprise comes when it is over. The relief from the extreme spanking is a great feeling. It's pretty much like the unique feeling you have after an orgasm. And that's why we like spanking, don't we?!

ass spanking
A Russian teen gets her ass spanked in a rest room. Looks like a pretty dirty dungeon.

Hot Wax

It's a mix of bondage and pain fulfillment: Wax Punishment. The ladies on this site do not look like very sadistic Dominas, but they certainly enjoy to play with their bound slaves who have to suffer from a burning sensation while the hot wax is dripping from a candle on their tender skin. Try this yourself! The pain is intense, but it is short and the relief from the pain is very relaxing, just like a quick handjob, but it feels better because you got over soemthing painful that was not anticipated at all. Don't have a candle? Come on, how romantic are you?

hot wax
A guy is receiving hot wax from a bruning candle and his errection grows even stronger

Wheelchair Sex

sex in wheelchair
Josito enjoys a pleasure ride on his wheelchair. The mistress loves his driving style.

One would think that handicapped people are poor suckers. Paralyzed all the way down from their hips, they are forced to rely on a wheelchair for transportation and often require help from strangers. Josito is one of those poor wheelchair drivers, but he is a bit more lucky. His libido has not been disabled after that horrifying car accident that made him lose his ability to use his legs. His dick is still working fine with proper stimulation and he is very happy to meet up with girls to prove that handicapped people are great fun between the sheets! Josito's Will is probably the first wheelchair porn site on the internet. The Hispanic monger meets a lot of attractive chicas who get undressed for him to warm him up, provide additional oral stimulation and finally ride him while he relaxes on his wheelchair.

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Bukkake Porn

I heard the word Bukkake a few times and I still don't know what it really means. It's one of those terms that you don't find in a normal dictionary, so I used Google search to find a good definition of this term. As usual I found a great definition on Wikipedia: Bukkake. It is derived from Japanese language and stands for multiple men ejaculating on a woman's face. The women collects the sperm mixed with urine on a plate or cup and ingests it all. That sounds filthy. Of course Google showed me a lot of results leading to some very offensive Bukkake sites. I can hardly imagine why a women would like to participate in receiving facials, but I must recognize it is a very popular theme in pornographic videos.
Japanese Bukkake Orgy is a famous Asian Bukkake website featuring Japanese women collecting dishes full of sperm and swallowing the creamy liquids. Unfortunately, the actual sex scenes are censored due to ancient Japanese pornography laws.

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Lesbian Bondage

While beauty is not necessarily an asset that is needed for any fetish porn site, it certainly helps to have sexy models. Anna, the webmistress of Fetish by Anna, is proud to feature some very spiffy ladies on her sexy feminine Bondage and Latex presentation. Her tour looks very erotic and beautiful models with long legs are so delicious when they wear skin tight latex. The girls are sexy and feminine on one side, but dominant over their males when they engage in straight sex. In one scene a dominant mistress takes her lover on a chain to lead him outdoors like a dog before she allows her blindfolded lover to be pleased orally as you can see in a free fetish gallery. Lesbian scenes are well represented with sexy blondes being tied up tightly by ropes and chains. The main focus of the site lies into emphasizing female shapes and their sexual desire to submit males while wearing latex clothes and high heels. Chains, ropes and whips come into use and the most erotic scenes are usually recognized by partners being blindfolded and performing sex acts without direct visual sight. This gives goosebumps to everybody involved and it electrifies the surrounding audience.

lesbian bondage
Very feminine ladies are captivated on Fetish by Anna's website.

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