Action Girls Review

Action Girls Review

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This is one for those who like girls with big bazookas, and for once I?m not adopting prurient slang. Action Girls features - quite literally - girls with big bazookas, and a whole lot more weaponry besides. Girls and guns is a relatively obvious thing to combine, thinking about it, catering to the twin obsessions of many a red-blooded male. But as far as I can tell this site is unique in doing so.

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So this Scotty JX production is not one for those who regard women as everything that is warm, safe and non-violent about humanity. Quite simply, these girls are here to kick ass. Some of the scenes are threaded together in what might loosely be described as a story, the rest are standalone productions. The basic theme is that the girls are in some sort of post-apocalyptic world, meaning a lot of the scenes feature them creeping around stealthily before firing (yes, they do actually fire) their weapon at some unknown, invisible target. The models are dressed up in pseudo-military camouflage gear, far too skimpy to be even remotely authentic of course, but then that?s the point.

Importantly, the novelty of the theme is not ruined by the performances of the girls, which are serious and - the odd smile to the camera aside - largely convincing. Equally impressive are the sets used, which feature battered trucks and other vehicles, assorted debris and bits and pieces of ammunition here and there to keep things realistic. They?ve also acquired some authentic-looking replica (one assumes) tanks from somewhere, so it?s clearly no expenses spared. There are some real household names in terms of models here too, and they?re all appropriately well tanned and toned for this type of stuff.

Generally speaking there is nothing strongly sexual in the videos. Quite a few of the clips feature the girl posing and spreading her pussy lips, but overall the material is very softcore. Video resolution for the latest episodes is good; it?s not quite high definition, but it?s close. The specs for the older clips aren?t that good, and the clips are perhaps a little on the short side for what is supposedly plot-based work. The picture galleries are standard glamour stuff, very nicely presented but inevitably lacking the imagination of the video footage.

The site itself is a little overwhelming to say the least. There?s a lot to take in on the home page in particular and getting to what you want isn?t at all obvious. Once you realize you can break the content down by model, story or genre things improve a little, but it?s all a tad too cluttered for my liking, especially with the ubiquitous adverts for the company?s DVD productions. I do like the poster-style images introducing each set though. Overall, this is sophisticated, exciting and novel erotica.

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